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Hi, my name is Janice….but my friends call me “Janny Ann” and you can too! Welcome to my world of fashion!

Image is something that becomes increasingly important in today’s world. Did you know that the average women has $1,000 to $2,500 worth of clothing in their closets?!!! As a former virtual image consultant, my job was to help my clients find their best look and create a wardrobe that is manageable and that consistently reflects an image congruent with their lifestyle while accentuating their natural beauty. If I can take some of the stress out of a woman’s life and make her feel good about herself, I feel I have done my job!

I fell in love with fashion as a little girl when my mother would take me with her on her weekly trip to the beauty parlor. There was something magical about getting all dressed up to go to the downtown department store where we were surrounded by the beauty of the clothing, accessories, and makeup. 

That led me to pursue a career in the fashion industry, including earning an associate degree in fashion merchandising followed by 20 years’ experience in fashion retail and two certifications in image consulting.

I help women who struggle with creating a wardrobe and style along with accessorizing that can be rediscovered through Fun, Laughter, and Inspiration by Writing, Blog, and Upcycling Jewelry.

Are you confident with your current style? Want to project an image that is congruent with the fabulous person that you are? I can help! 


Faith is an essential element of my life and it inspires me to give back to those less fortunate. I recently began working with non-profits, using my image consulting skills to help women with limited financial resources to discover good fashion sense while making smart financial decisions. After all, looking good doesn’t have to break the bank.


I love helping women look good, but that doesn’t include offering up cookie-cutter fashion advice. While we share common fashion and body image issues, God gave each of us an individual beauty, and that requires individual attention. I focus on the importance of revealing your true beauty from the inside out.


Laughter does good like a medicine, as the Good Book says, and sometimes when we look at ourselves in the mirror, the best thing we can do is laugh. I like to find the humor in our shared fashion and body image challenges, and I’ll share those humorous observations with you in my regular blog posts.

Welcome to my online parlor. What can I do for you to help make your life beautiful?



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