6 Ideas For All You Needing Inspiration

I don’t know how we are supposed to feel beautiful during a pandemic! especially when we are confined to our homes.
Oh Gals, here are some ideas for all you needing some inspiration:

Put your hair in a ponytail and add a bow or flower.

Second, use your dry shampoo on your hair and it will feel like you washed it (well, maybe).

Third, dab some perfume under your arms and save your deodorant.

Fourth, spend time trying on clothes and redesign outfits that never went together. Your closet always could benefit from an update!

Fifth, now we can’t forget makeup so go ahead and put your eyes and lips on!

Sixth, parade around the house and have your own fashion show for family and pets….(but remember keep a safe distance).

Tata for now……Janny Ann 🙂

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