Let’s talk bracelets! Do you wear them?

Let’s talk bracelets! Do you wear them? Have you ever had bracelets on your arms behind your back? (Or they might be called handcuffs) Some bracelets have lots of jewels on them, some are plain Jane made of silver or gold. Back in the Greek ages they often wore bracelets up their entire arm! Maybe you remember the 1987 US Open when Chris Everett’s diamond line bracelet fell off onto to the ground and she said “Oh, no! I lost my tennis bracelet!” and ever since then they call them tennis bracelets. Who knows, maybe I dropped a colored string bracelet on a friend years ago and that’s why they call it a friendship bracelet. Ha!  

In Jeremiah 2:32 it says, “Does a young woman forget her jewelry, a bride her wedding ornaments?” I don’t think so, women adore their jewels! I am a bracelet nut, they complete my outfit. I don’t know about you but I feel like a princess when wearing them. You get out there and enjoy your jewels, whether they’re fancy or plain and whether you’re a bride or playing tennis or just running around town. Maybe one will even be named after you some day!


Tata for now…Janny Ann

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