Once again I am writing about buying too many clothes.

Once again I am writing about buying too many clothes. I admit I failed this week. Sometimes it just seems like fun to buy and buy and buy. Truly I can be a shopaholic occasionally! It reminds me of a quote by Sophie Kinsella that describes going shopping. “As I stare at it I can feel little invisible strings silently tugging me toward it. I have to touch it. I have to wear it. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Can you relate?

Maybe you wouldn’t classify yourself as a shopaholic but every woman has some kind of issue they deal with when it comes to “too much of a good thing.” For those of you who do have this issue, there is hope! You can go to therapy like in this clip from Confessions of a Shopaholic(there are support groups!) or go to the Lord and have Him teach you how to conquer this habit.

The Lord is truly working in my life about over shopping. If I slip He wants me to know that He who began a good work of in me will complete it Until the day of Christ. He promises to help you and He has.

Tata for now….Janny Ann

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