Pain from the Pearls

I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder Fibromyalgia. Oh, happy day! The condition affects muscle nerve endings. It feels as if pins and needles are jabbed into your muscles, and it has nothing to do with crocheting! The nerve pain comes without warning. It’s like Dorothy Gale’s house landing on the Wicked Witch of the East. “I’ll get you, my pretty!” The weight of clothing and accessories can aggravate this condition.

Accessorizing my outfits can be a pain, literally. I love my jewels and am determined to wear them! I’ve learned to make adjustments while retaining my sense of style. My tips… Keep it light, baby! · Lightweight fabrics Linen, silk, and cotton are great options. · Lightweight beads & bangles {Insert something here about materials that would be good.} Be creative; make something! Hey, what about paper-mâché? Don’t give up the glam! Start the day looking fantastic to give yourself an emotional boost. There will be times when the pain is so intense it prohibits you from wearing your jewels. Wear them as long as your body will allow, regardless of whether it’s a couple of hours or half of a day. Fight for prettiness! It’s fabulous to wear your jewels, even if the time is brief.

Suffering and prettiness go hand in hand with this condition. Remember, pain can teach us to appreciate the small things in life. It ends here. One day, when we go to heaven, there will be no more pain…

Tata for now….

Janny Ann

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