The Art of Dressing

Have you ever stepped into your closet and thought you were in an art studio? Most of you probably would say, “No, never”. I don’t usually think that way either, but just imagine it… all the colors and textures!!!!

In your art studio you select a top and a bottom, the possibilities from the color wheel are endless. Your thoughtful choices are the backdrop for your inspiration! You adorn them on with jewels and scarves! Oh my, don’t forget the shoes!!!

You have created a Masterpiece! An original work of art!

Our lives are a work-in-progress as God transforms each of us into a masterpiece! Have you ever seen a tapestry? The back doesn’t look so good, and might even be a bit of a mess, but the front side is a beautiful intricate design. You are a work of art, and the clothes you wear are a reflection of the unique and beautiful masterpiece that God has created in you!

Tata for now… Janny Ann

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